Urban Systems Institute
The HKU-USI aims to advance A) the sciences of urban systems and B) the applications of urban systems research. The first and foremost task of USI is to explore multiple possible pathways of theorizing the evolving forms and norms of cities and their inherent problems, drawing from urban, geospatial, social, behavioural, economic, environmental, social physics, bio-ecological science theories. Another equally important task is to explore new urban systems models through interdisciplinary approaches that can add new insights into significant questions about present and future urban problems and their solutions, facilitated by the advances in data science, GIS methods, urban sensing and robotics. Second, theoretical and methodological innovations in the sciences of urban systems will offer novel and viable solutions to the industry and governments to address present and future urban challenges. USI researchers will endeavour to link urban theorization and multi-scale urban systems models with professional, industrial and policy innovation. Ultimately, the USI will join hands with researchers worldwide to contribute to three central dimensions of human development: economic development, health, education and knowledge production.



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