Home Price Changes for 18 Districts in Hong Kong

The home price changes for each of the 18 districts are calculated by HKU Real Estate Lab using the repeat-sales method. *

To view the cumulative price change for a specific district, simply hover over the map. The initial period, which can be selected from the dropdown menu, goes as far back as 1993H1, while the end period is set to the latest available period.

The page will be updated biannually, in February and August.

Map and Controls
End Period: 2023H2
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% Cumulative Price Change

Sources: HKU Real Estate Lab and EPRC. Calculated and mapped by Professor Kelvin Wong and Ruiyang Wang.

* Further information on the repeat-sales method can be found in Appendix B of the paper Policy Responses to an Overheated Housing Market: Credit Tightening versus Transaction Taxes. The district-based repeat-sales indices have been utilized in various studies, including those on Covid-19 vs SARS, developers’ market power, and urban renewal. For monthly price indices across the entire city, please refer to HKU-REIS.